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Mammoth Hunters
A personal trainer and nutritionist on your phone, based on the latest scientific discoveries in the fields of physiology and evolution. Designed to overcome barriers that stop you from exercising, eating well, and being your best you.
Routines that fit into your life and motivate you
Functional training uses your own body weight at high intensity (HIIT)
The fully customizable nutrition plan optimizes your health and is based on the PaleoDiet.
Gain strength and energy, reduce inflammation and weakness. You'll feel the difference in 2-3 weeks.


How does
Mammoth Hunters work?
Minimal Time
As little as 15 minutes a day, one day a week can make a lasting impact on your health. Are you looking for something more demanding? You can do as many or as few workouts as you like every day.
No gyms
You can exercise in a park, in your home, on the beach, workout in a hotel room or sure, in your gym. Your mobile personal trainer goes wherever you are.
All on your Smartphone
You don't need anything but a smartphone, tablet, or computer. No mats, weights, or tools needed to train. Your body is your gym.
Try it free
With 12 free sessions, you can begin to see results. You'll be stronger and feel better.
Workout with community
Tribes are virtual communities who do the same workouts on the same days, but adapted to every members' fitness level.
Collaboration..and friendly competition
All members of a tribe collaborate to meet weekly workout goals; motivate each other and reward collaborative efforts, or compete with each other in good spirits.
To Help is to Win
When you're sick, out of town, or need a break, your tribe mates can do your workout for you. You can return the favor later.
Try it for free
Tribes are included as an option with your 12 free sessions, or forever with a subscription. Give it a try--it's motivating!

A personal
to you

Adapted to your 

Optimize your well-being with the combination of our physical activity and nutrition programs.

  • Increase your energy levels
  • Improve your concentration
  • Get a restful sleep

Improve your performance with our program of high physical intensity and optimal nutrition.

  • Takes no time
  • Avoid injuries
  • The right nutrition for you

Achieve your ideal weight by combining a nutrition and exercise program that sheds off fat and gives you the muscular tone that you desire.

  • Lose weight in a healthy manner
  • Shed off unnecessary fat
  • Achieve a good muscular tone
Adapted to your 
fitness level

Get a free personal physical assessment based on your body parameters and fitness objectives.

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Your health is not a game

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Mammoth Hunters
Scientific team

Oriol Roda

Scientist and mountaineer
Team manager

Néstor Sánchez

Evolutionary Medicine Specialist
Tecnical director

Xavier Vila

Telecomunications enginieer
Development and planning

Airam Fernández

Physical trainer and PaleoTraining specialist

David Vargas

therapsit and nutricional advisor

Carlos Pérez

Writer, therapist and expert in Paleo

Xavi Cañelles

Evolutionary medicine expert

Oriol Roda

Oriol knows some mathematical modeling and business management but mos tof all he is an avid mountaineer

In Mammoth Hunters he makes sure things are done
Personal highlight 92 Km with 11.000m vertical drop in 17 hours

Scientific and alpinist, he trained following Nestor's advice. One day he thought that if those workouts were so good for him amybe they'd be good for other people. That is how Mammoth Hunters was born.

He left his job as a scientist, learned to code and made the first prototype, later he did an MBA at ESADE to learn how to manage a company. Now he is completely dedicated to the project. His objective is to help as many people as possible to be healthier and happier.

Néstor Sánchez

Technical Director at Mammoth Hunters

En Mammoth Hunters Director técnico
Personal highlight 100 km and 12.180 m vertical drop in 16 hours

Nestor loves to study, which sometimes is helpful for the tribe, but it can also take him through unexpected paths. In his free time he writes songs, and since he ran the utltratrail “Cavalls del Vent” he loves short high intensity workouts.

He is fascinated on how our body is able to maintain its health, and he feels privileged to help people as a therapist. The question is: is it possible to bring this knowledge to the maximum number of people in an easy and affordable way? This is the Mammoth Hunters challenge.

Xavier Vila

Expertise in project management and computer systems

In Mammoth Hunters Development management and planning
Personal highlight Half marathon managing 3 projects at once

Telecommunications Engineer with experience in system and network security, specialized in the management of development projects. As a child he always wanted to be an inventor. Now fulfills his dream working on the design and development of Mammoth Hunters.

Concerned about sedentary lifestyle imposed by the demanding work schedules, he was very interested in the idea of Nestor and Oriol and joined the team to prepare and launch Mammoth Hunters.

Airam Fernández

PaleoTraining trainer and training designer. Co-author of the book “Paleo Training”

In Mammoth HuntersTechnical Advisor

Airam was uncomfortable in gyms and decided to go for contact with nature. He realized that doing this way it was more harmonious for his body and decided to investigate further. He studied, practiced and made thousands of tests and discovered the Paleo life. His goal in life: that many people in the world share this sense of wellness he feels.

David Vargas

Evolutionary Medicine Specialist, Co-author of the book "Paleo Training"

In Mammoth Hunters Technical Advisor

He is in love with health and medicine practiced with common sense. In the search for solutions to their patients he discovered the Evolution Based Nutrition. Two years later, together with his partners they developed PaleoTraining as the ideal training system to supplement nutrition. 6 years later, he feels a great satisfaction about that many people have not only enhanced but completely changed their lives.

Carlos Perez

Evolutionary Medicine Specialist. Author of "Paleo Life", co-author of "Paleo Training"

In Mammoth Hunters Nutritional Advisor

Physical therapist and specialist in natural medicine. He firmly believes that Mammoth Hunters provides the minimum anybody needs in order to be healthy. That's why, whenever he can, he promotes Mammoth Hunters in conferences, courses, social networks and of course in his clinic with his patients.

Xavi Cañelles

Evolutionary Medicine Specialist, Co-author of the book "Paleo Training"

In Mammoth Hunters Technical Advisor

Xavi is devoted to study human body physiology. He belongs to the PaleoTraining method founders team and is passionate about the study of performance in sports. His desire is that everyone can play sports in a consistent manner and Mammoth Hunters project is defined as key to achieving this.

by the tribe

Mammoth Hunters is
highly addictive

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Oscar Gorriz

Marathon 2h45
Every day I look at my computer with amusement

Ester Corral

Lost 15Kg
I feel a lot younger

Lorenzo Lopez

60Km 10h35
I feel stronger and faster

Susana Lumbreras

1h running
I have a little flock with which I can train

Miquel Roman

1h23 half marathon
Physical trainer

Olga del Río

Physical therapist
PaleoTraining has increased my quality of life

Chema López

+ 30% of performance
I feel great, I weak up early with plenty of energy

Naphtali Pokras

Climbed a 14000ft
Mammoth Hunters help me perform outdoors

Oscar Gorriz

51 years old, marathon in 2h45

I am an amateur but serious athlete (34’55’’ in 10,000) and although I know how important gyms are, I never liked them; they horrify me! The name Mammoth Hunters sounds a little freakish, but its combination of different workouts and high intensity has not only made me less lazy to do exercise but also that I turn on my computer every day with curiosity to see what they have prepared for me.

Ester Corral

31 years old, 15Kg lost

I have never done sport regularly. I find gyms alien, artificial and boring. Furthermore, everything I attempted demanded such a titanic effort from me that I would always stop on the third day in. Mammoth Hunters, together with the change in nutrition, has made me reconcile with myself on a physical level. I have managed to lose 15 kilos in a year and a half and I can recognize myself in the mirror again. I feel a lot more agile, stronger, more resistant, much younger!

Lorenzo Lopez

36 years old, 60Km in 10h35

Mammoth Hunters is giving me excellent results. For race preparation (extreme races) it is going great; I feel an extraordinary improvement. I am at the start of the season and I am noticing that I am much stronger and quicker, in just three months I have made a 30 second improvement in my pace per Km. Furthermore, I am turning into a hunk! Ha ha ha, I have stepped into gyms during all my lifetime, but it is spectacular how the program is so efficient with such “little” time per session.

Susana Lombreras

30 years old, 1h running

I have always done swimming, water polo and dancing, but when I tried running I was half dead by the second stride and I couldn’t run any more. I have tried “ground” sports (as I call them) for a long time but I always got tired straight away and I have never been able to be constant because I got bored a lot. All of this has changed with Mammoth Hunters, I have already being doing it for a year, I have a small tribe that I train with and I have managed to run for a whole hour… and the most important thing is that I enjoy it and I crave the next session.
Neither I nor anybody that knows me would ever have imagined it….this way I hope to be able to hunt mammoths for many more years to come!

Miquel Roman Sancho

26 years old, half marathon in 1h23

As a physical trainer I understand the importance of the development of physical skills, but I always felt that traditional training was very limited and stagnant. Thanks to PaleoTraining and Mammoth Hunters I have already managed to create constant adaptation and increase my performance every day and in the athletes I train!
I have finally found a training method in which I believe and with which I get good results!

Olga del Río Sánchez

31 years old, physical therapist

Discovering Paleotraining has brought a significant improvement in my quality of life: more power, more agility, more stability, less fatigue and good mood. Also, as an amateur runner, I feel how Mammoth Hunters brings a plus to my performance.
This type of exercise is a vital tool in the daily work in my office, which complement the recommendations on nutrition necessary for the treatment of pathologies or lesions that my patients have. Mammoth Hunters changed my life and can change yours!

Chema López

41 years old, + 30% performance

I have neither gain or lost weight. I was already slim when I started with Mammoth Hunters and I still have the same weight.
The experience has been astonishing. In a month I improved 30% my performance, but aside from the numbers, I feel great, I wake up early eager and energetic (I do the exercises first thing in the morning) , which never occurred to me before Mammoth Hunters!. I feel like I am changing fat by muscle, although it is something I have not measured yet. I complement the PaleoTraining with dietary recommendations from Mammoth Hunters, that makes me feel even better.

Naphtali Pokras

24 years old, climbed a 14000ft

My goal is to improve as an outdoor sportsman (i.e. Mountaineering, Climbing & Backpacking). I use the workouts from Mammoth Hunters to become a functional athlete, allowing me to excel in a wide variety of outdoor sports. Soon after starting the paleo workouts I found I had increased strength and stamina, and now after living the paleo lifestyle for over a year I find my physical power continuing to increase. With help from the workouts of Mammoth Hunters I have been able to tackle my outdoor sport challenges, and enjoy life to the fullest doing what I love best.

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