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Complete rings program to gain strength and muscle while improving body control

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What is Ring Master?

Rings based program, developed in collaboration with Fitness Revolucionario, experts in the design of full body training.

10 weeks of periodic and progressive training, based on blocks of training. You will develop strength and musculature, and improve your overall physical condition. We start with the basic principles of ring training and progress to more advanced techniques.

+100 exercises. Basic, intermediate, and advanced exercises, adapted to the level of each user. Including upper and lower body sessions, for a balanced and athletic body.

Principles of Ring Master

Ring Master has been designed on the following principles:

  • Complete. Works the whole body on all planes of movement. Starting with warm-up and ending with mobility.
  • Global. Developing all of the physical capacities, from strength and muscular resistance, to improving stability and coordination.
  • Adaptable. The majority of the exercises can be adapted to any level, beginner to advanced.
  • Progressive. It starts with the basics and adds a bit of difficulty each week.
  • Periodic. Built into blocks of training to optimize performance and recuperation.

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Benefits of training with rings

Rings are one of the most powerful and complete training equipment:

  • Ideal for gaining upper body strength and musculature
  • Develop mobility, stability, and flexibility all at once
  • Facilitate progression by adjusting the height of the rings and position of the feet
  • Less risk of injury, by allowing free movement of the shoulder and elbow joints
  • Versatile and portable. They allow you to perform a multitude of movements and also simulate suspension training. They weigh little and you can take them anywhere.

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