Caring for your baby starts with caring for you

The first progressive prenatal fitness program designed by our prenatal coach and physical trainer Kaisa Tuominen that combines the best of yoga, pilates, and functional training to obtain the most healthy body during pregnancy and prepare you for giving birth and breastfeeding.

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What is In Shape Moms?

A program created by prenatal coach and physical trainer Kaisa Tuominen, designed specifically for future moms and their babies.

Progressive fitness program with more than 100 sessions that help you to stay in shape, care for your baby, and recover after giving birth.

More than 30 additional exercises and delivery preparation techniques starting when you reach your 32nd week.

What should I expect from the program?

In Shape Moms is the most complete prenatal program that is based on the most recent scientific advances and the experience in prenatal training of thoughts of women performed by our trainer Kaisa Tuominen. In Shape Moms was designed to keep you in your best shape during your pregnancy.

During pregnancy the baby starts his or her preparation to face the outside world. Staying in shape and maintaining good metabolic health are the most effective tools to help your baby to also develop healthily.

The training session are a combination of pilates, yoga, and functional training focused on relaxing muscle tension, increasing mobility, and improving muscle capacity and metabolism during pregnancy.

In Shape Moms was specifically developed for future moms to maintain their fitness level through their entire pregnancy and all of their rapid body changes they go through.

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What are the benefits of the program?

In Shape Moms offers two levels of difficulty, beginners and advanced. While they differ in the level of intensity of the exercises and the number of repetition required, they both offer the same advantages:

  • Correcting body compensation made in pregnancy
  • Reduced lumbar and back pain
  • Less weight gain during pregnancy
  • More energy
  • Help your baby to grow healthily
  • Birth preparation
  • Faster recuperation after delivery

Both programs have the optional use of training materials (weights, TRX, pilates circle, etc.) for added workout intensity.

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Warning! Please be advised, if you have the following conditions during pregnancy or immediately following, it is recommended to not perform any physical activity.

  1. Active myocardial disease (Hemodynamically significant)
  2. Restrictive pulmonary diseases
  3. Cervical incompetence
  4. Multiple pregnancy in risk of premature birth or 3 or more fetuses
  5. Persistent hemorrhage in the 2nd or 3rd trimester
  1. Premature rupture of membranes
  2. Severe anemia
  3. Premature birth
  4. Placenta previa after 26 weeks of gestation
  5. Pre-eclampsia

Speak with you healthcare provider before starting any exercise routines.

For full exercise guidelines and contraindications please visit this link.

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