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Why Mammoth Hunters PRO

Mammoth Hunters PRO is effective, prevents injuries and allows you to train anywhere you want in just 15 minutes a day.

Never get bored. Our app intelligence will increase workout intensity as you progress and generates diverse exercises that works your whole body. This combined with a fully personalized nutritional plan gives you maximum results in the shortest possible time.

Join thousands of people who have already achieved great results with our unique program.

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Functional Training

Strength and endurance tests built into the training to track your performance and adapt the workouts to your progress.

Evolutionary Nutrition

Nutrition plan based purely on natural ingredients that meets the needs of your body and helps you to reach your goals faster.


Juan Olivas

Juan Olivas

I'm a firefighter. Fighting a fire is a lot like a Mammoth Hunters' workout: short bursts when I give it all I can, and it's over quickly.

Training with Mammoth Hunters gives me strength, speed, endurance and flexibility, and it prepares me to do my job and keeps me in shape.

Manuel Vela

Manuel Vela

I've been gaining weight my whole life. I couldn't lose a gram of fat in spite of doing a lot of exercise. Then I found the Mammoth Hunters app by chance and tried it.

I started seeing results in the first month. I have to say that my muscles are sole all over - even my ears. I started with 21% body fat have brought it down to 15%. I feel better every day. I'm sure that with continued effort and confidence I will achieve spectacular results with Mammoth Hunters.