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The ultimate group training experience

Every week your tribe has a goal of workouts to complete together. Each tribe member receives the same sessions to complete that are personalized to his or her individual level.

Collaborate with your tribe to reach the weekly goals while competing to become the strongest and most consistent tribe member.

Create a tribe with your friends or join one created by a Mammoth Hunters user to work out together with ultra-motivated people.

Why Tribes?

We all know that working out alone is difficult. It’s easy to lose motivation and find excuses to skip your sessions.

Tribes transforms your fitness routine into a social game, making it more fun and engaging than training alone.

That’s why joining a tribe doubles the likelihood of following your workout plan.

Each tribe has a scheduled number of workouts per week.

Work hard and strive to be the highest performing member of your tribe.

Push each other to finish the workouts on time, compete together, and share your experience.

How to use Tribes?

Are you ready to achieve more?

On Tribes you’ll find:

  • Social Accountability
  • Performance Tracking
  • Healthy Competition

Working out in Tribes makes you accountable to your tribe members, increasing the likelihood you will stick with your training.

Help your tribe become the tribe of the week by completing all of your weekly trainings.

Track your individual progress and compare with the other members.

Together you can surpass your goals with Tribes. 

Tribes testimonial

“I have always been overweight and my health was not good for my age. In 2013, we had a son and my personal time was reduced even more. While searching for information on how to get strong, again, I came across the page for Mammoth Hunters.

To my surprise my body and health changed radically in very little time. My wife also wanted to get in shape and we created a tribe together.

Now the whole family works out together, we are in shape, and we have fun, even my son joins! He watches and learns that training is a fundamental part of a health lifestyle. Even at 3 and a half he encourages us to do burpees!” by David Rosario