How to do a To-The-One Workout




Intervalic without Stops


At medium intensity with a fixed number of reps for each exercises, and distributed in a descending pyramid of reps from 10 to 1. The session focuses on improving strength with a low variability in exercise with a high volume for each targeted muscle group.

How to do a To The One Workout

Complete the reps as fast as possible and without stopping in a decreasing pyramid (10 to 1 reps) of a set of exercises, decreasing the number of reps in each set by 1 until you do only one.

If you’re doing a double To-the-One, rest one minute between super sets.


– 3-5 exercises included
– Performed at 90% intensity
– Sessions last 3-8 minutes


– 10 surfers – 10 thusters – 10 reptile push ups
– 9 / 9 / 9 reps
– decrease 1 rep each set until you do:
– 1 surfer / 1 thuster / 1 reptile push up