How to do a Spartan Race Workout


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)


Intervalic without Stops


A decreasing series of exercises with sprints between. The session improves your cardio/respitory endurance, active recovery and your body’s capacity to manage intense effort of different muscle groups. The number of reps depends on your fitness level, and sprints can be running, bicycling, swimming, rowing, etc.

How to do a Spartan Race Workout

Complete 4 laps of a series of exercises with sprints inbetween each lap with this structure:

– 1st lap -> 4 min sprint
– 2nd lap (75% of first lap) -> 3 min sprint
– 3rd lap (50% of first lap) -> 2 min spring
– 4th lap (25% first lap) -> 1 min sprint

Sprints are completed at a higher intensity than the exercise series.


– 3 exercises included
– Performed at 95% intensity
– Sessions last 15-35 minutes


Do the following exercises without stopping:

1st lap: 20 burrols, 30 hindu push ups, 40 plank pivots, 4 min run
2nd lap: 15 burrols, 23 hindu push ups, 30 plank pivots, 3 min run
3rd lap: 10 burrols, 15 hindu push ups, 20 plank pivots, 2 min run
4th lap: 5 burrols, 7 hindu push ups, 10 plank pivot, 1 min run