Chicken skewers and cherry tomatoes with basil

Chicken Skewers and Cherry Tomatoes with Basil15` MIN28


  • olive oil
  • garlic clove
  • Cherry tomato
  • Chicken breast
  • Fresh basil

cooking instructions

  1. Grind the basil and garlic with a splash of extra virgin olive oil.
  2. Add the chicken into the mixture and marinate for a couple of minutes.
  3. Make the skewers starting and ending with the chicken and interspersing the tomatoes (you can use metal or wooden skewers. If you use wooden skewers it is best to let them soak 20 minutes before skewering the meat.)
  4. Cook in the oven or grill the skewers on both sides so that the chicken is cooked through. But don’t cook it so long that it dries out. Salt and pepper.