VP Marketing for US

Status: CLOSED

The company

Mammoth Hunters is an early stage tech startup founded and operated from Barcelona. The company’s mission is to enable everyone to live a healthy life with balanced meals and functional movements and training.

It is a fitness app focusing on bodyweight training that can be done from anywhere, without equipment, and on nutrition and meal plans that are based on the Paleo Diet movement. The app is in English and Spanish and is available worldwide; the workplace is conducted primarily in English and secondarily in Spanish. Meetings that involve native English speakers are always conducted in English.

The company is an exciting environment as it is a high growth time and the company is only about 12 people comprised between management, customer support, nutrition/knowledge, marketing, and engineering.

Job description

Business development / Partnerships

Leading and managing our partnership program in the US identify potential partners in US with blog / influencers. In particular we are looking for:

  • Affiliates
  • Cross promotion SEO link building
  • Partnerships & joint ventures: integration of third party programs in our App
  • Guest blogging
  • PR

You might also be required to attend events

Content management

Defining marketing and content strategy for US and how to extend it in other English speaking countries

Leading content creation and management towards US market

  • Management of translations from spanish
  • Improve current blog articles
  • Quality supervision
  • Unifying company voice
  • Creating and iterating Ad copies

Community building

Defining Mammoth Hunters SM strategy in US:

  • Select adequate channels
  • Adapt voice to each channel
  • Integrate content across channels and blog
  • Engaging users with us and among themselve

Company growth

Identifying talent to add to the company in the marketing & content department.

This job entails both hands on and management responsibilities. At the beginning expect to do most of the job yourself and as we grow you will delegate more to new recruits and you’ll move into a management role.

Feel free to comment on these tasks and add anything you think we have missed.

Job evaluation

We consider your position key for our strategic growth and hence we want to have a clear evaluation method of your performance. With the above mentioned tasks in mind could you please suggest what are the key metrics you’d feel comfortable being evaluated by?

Suggested metrics:

  • Blog visits and engagement
  • Number of partnerships created
  • Overall growth US user growth

Work schedule

In our company we focus on productivity not on how many hours or where your work. However we have a strong enterprise culture that we want to maintain and nurture. For this we consider that during the first 6 months in the company is essential that new employees are present in the office a substantial amount of time. Current employees arrive between 8 and 10:30 and leave between 5:30 and 8. As we build our relationship we feel comfortable with a more flexible schedule and remote working.