User Acquisition Specialist

Status: CLOSED

The company

Mammoth Hunters is an early stage tech startup founded and operated from Barcelona. The company’s mission is to enable everyone to live a healthy life with balanced meals and functional movements and training.

It is a fitness app focusing on bodyweight training that can be done from anywhere, without equipment, and on nutrition and meal plans that are based on the Paleo Diet movement. The app is in English and Spanish and is available worldwide; the workplace is conducted primarily in English and secondarily in Spanish. Meetings that involve native English speakers are always conducted in English.

The company is an exciting environment as it is a high growth time and the company is only about 12 people comprised between management, customer support, nutrition/knowledge, marketing, and engineering.

Job description

You will play the role of User Acquisition specialist to grow our Mobile App user base. Your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Run Facebook + Instagram user acquisition campaigns
  • Manage Google Adwords campaigns for Mobile App installs and Landing pages
  • Monitor, optimize and report performance of campaigns on an ongoing basis
  • Identify new channels for user acquisition and implement campaigns
  • Optimizing the listing of App on Appstore and Playstore to be found easily by users

You will work Closely with the CMO, and CEO and will have many opportunities to learn a variety of related topics and wear many hats as skills develop. It is a trickle-up environment and data and decisions are transparent organization-wide.


  • Highly analytical thinker
  • Data-driven and results-focused
  • Understand the fundamentals of online marketing and have a passion for it.
  • Prior experience with online marketing tools such as Display, SEM and Facebook
  • Can work independently
  • Think outside of the box
  • Getting new users is what gets you up in the morning
  • A passion for healthy lifestyle and spreading it around the world

Skill Development opportunities

  • Mobile user acquisition through Google Adwords, Facebook  and other performance based Ad networks.
  • Excel analysis of campaigns and ROI analysis
  • SEO research and integration
  • Ability to work in multi-function team environment
  • Writing for online publication
  • Sales/Cold approach techniques (Backlinking)

Work Schedule

In our company we focus on productivity not on how many hours or where your work. However we have a strong enterprise culture that we want to maintain and nurture. For this we consider that during the first 6 months in the company is essential that new employees are present in the office a substantial amount of time. Current employees arrive between 8 and 10:30 and leave between 5:30 and 8. As we build our relationship we feel comfortable with a more flexible schedule and remote working.

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