Functional Training

Functional Training

Functional training is based on Paleo Training. It’s a response to modern gym culture and our need for physical activity.

Gyms are inefficient. The way humans evolved to use their bodies is not at all like the traditional way we train at gyms or on tracks. Repetitive movements like lifting a dumbbell don’t resemble the natural movements we evolved to do to survive.

Consider what it’s like to run on a treadmill. Even a few hundred years ago, we’d be more likely to run over varying natural land that simulates nerves in the feet and the brain.

The difference in impact on your body is significant, and we believe the former isn’t optimal for the body.

Clearly, not all the exercise we do is healthy. Long and excruciating workout sessions in unnatural settings like gyms aren’t ideal. It can produce few results and lots of injuries.

Think about it: gyms are frustrating. The unnatural movements we do in them can lead to physical compensation and adjustments . Any time you alter the natural movement of the body, it isn’t good for us, and can cause injury. 


And, it’s difficult to stay motivated to exercise in a box.  Many people stop workout out altogether with excuses like “I don’t have time to work out” or “I’m not getting results at the gym.” Then, they feel guilty for not working out.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Human physiology developed over thousands of years of survival in a very different natural environment than the one we live in today. Physical activity was functional: hunting, gathering, escaping predators. Running, lifting, dragging, crawling.

Functional training is a healthier and more efficient way to train. It’s in tune with our physiology and promotes movements that use more muscle groups at once. It’s more natural for our bodies.

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Functional training is based on 6 principles:


optimization optimizacion

To get the most out of your training time, the whole body needs to coordinate to support change. This way, the body is ready to work and to recover.

For optimal training, you should  workout on an empty stomach.  This way, the body can focus on working out instead of digesting food. You can read more about intermittent fasting here.

Think about it: why would you be hunting mammoths if you just ate one?


intensity intensidad

Recent studies show that high intensity workouts stress the body in a good way. They improve strength, muscle quality, and health, and are more effective than long sessions. 

Walking won’t improve your running speed. Our training philosophy is based on this notion: high intensity sessions signal your body that you need to improve. As a result, the body performs, repairs, and strengthens.


functionality funcionalidad

Mammoth Hunters workouts and programs are designed to simulate  gestures our body evolved to do: hang, drag, crawl.

We combine these movements into functional circuits that simulate metabolic response. Functional training sessions mimick behavior our ancestors did while hunting. 

These movements also work many muscle groups at once. This helps maintain balance in the body and avoid overdeveloping any one part.


variability variabilidad

You’ve heard about plateaus in training and weight loss. Our bodies quickly adapt to persistent, consistent stimulus, and our muscle fibers are no exception. In short, our bodies are good at getting good at something with practice. 

Variability is the key to avoiding plateaus.

Personalized and varied training sessions are a unique and critical part of the Mammoth Hunters program. It’s part of what gives you better results: keeping the body on its figurative toes.


efficiency eficiencia

Using the latest science of sports and physiology, we’re helping you hack your body. Part of our method is that you will regularly calibrate your sessions to your evolving fitness level. 

This means you’ll always have enough of a challenge to keep that satisfying “I just worked out” feeling, and you’ll continue to see results. 

With Mammoth Training, you can dedicate very little time and improve your health significantly. You’ll feel more vital.


emotions emociones

Motivation is the key to success.

Our training program will surprise you and help you see improvement quickly. The sessions simulate your production of happiness neurotransmitters (endorphins et al).  You’ll be addicted to the great way you feel after our sessions.

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  1. Hi…How can I lose the weight and built muscle at the same time without going to the gym I
    don’t have time after work…My weight is 170.8
    How can I do all of this before May

    1. Litza,

      Getting in shape is less about time and more about quality workouts and proper nutrition.

      WE recommend you do HIIT sessions (of functional training) and follow a whole30 like diet. You can find both in our App “Mammoth Hunters”

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