What is Paleotraining

Paleotraining is a method designed to emulate the basic movements the Homo Sapiens does in its everyday life. Our body, our surrounding and the basic tools that were available in the Paleolithic era are the only loading we use.

Wait a second, did we say “Paleolithic”?

What is the relationship between physical activity and the Paleolithic?

The fact is that they are a lot more related than what you might initially think.

Paleotraining is part of a broader movement called “the Paleo movement” that arose from the scientific evidence that humans developed their main physiological traits during the Paleolithic era, where for hundreds of thousands of years we lived in environmental conditions very different from nowadays. These conditions determined what we ate, how much light we were exposed to and the type of physical activity we had to do in order to survive as species. All those factors are the ones that shaped our evolution and thus our genome.

You might argue that those conditions happened long time ago. However in evolutionary terms it has not passed that much time and these adaptions still persist in our genome. The kind of physical activity we are most adapted to does not derive from gym workouts, track and field sessions or sport physiology labs. It comes from natural selection and the need to survive in a natural environment.

These are the premises that gave birth to the Paleotraining: to develop a methodology that was aligned with our natural way of moving and thus felt natural to our body. The result is a training program based on the 15 basic motor functions that we humans have. The combination of these functions give us the 12 physical capacities we need in our day to day activities and that we require to survive in the wild.

This combination of functional exercises and intense and surprising workouts produces a very effective training program that help us relearn the right way to move and do exercise that we have sadly lost in our modern and sedentary life.

There are 5 main benefits on the Paleotraining:

  • Health: The PaleoTriaing reduces inflammation and helps regulate the activity of the immune and endocrine system.
  • Shape: Doing the right kind of exercises in the right way helps us keep a young ripped and slim shape, avoiding hypertrophied muscles and other dubiously-healthy results of modern gyms.
  • Posture: The Paleotraining focuses a lot on working our core muscles in a very holistic way, helping us recover a straight posture and the complete body extension that we have lost due to bad habits and too much internet surfing.
  • Physiological balance: The Paleotraining triggers an increase of lean muscle and a reduction of superficial and visceral fat. It also helps develop evenly all the parts of our body reaching the right inner and outer balance of a healthy body.
  • Performance: Because we improve the 12 basic physical capacities we increase our capacity to move in the right way and thus our performance. The PaleoAthletes are versatile and efficient and their training is transferable to any discipline.

Finally there is a core conceptual element in the Paleotraining. During the Paleolithic humans lived in tribes and survival was linked to the success of the group. This is why in the Paleotraining we don’t compete with each other, we collaborate!

Trainings are done in groups and only as a group we succeed, this brings a new dimension of cooperation new to physical training that produces more engagement and enjoyment than any other training program.

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