What is a Metabolic Workout?






Metabolic exercises are sustained for more than 20 minutes, often longer, depending on the cardiovascular intensity of the exercise. They compliment your weight-baring and functional training sessions.

How to do a Metabolic Workout

Ideally on an empty stomach, complete the exercise of your choice for the recommended time (based on the intensity of the exercises, spanning from walking, dancing, and light cardio to running, spinning, rowing and more).


– 1 exercise included
– Performed at 60-75% intensity
– Sessions last 20-120 minutes


– Basketball, 44 minutes
– Hiking, 50 minutes
– Spinning hard, 44 minutes
– Swimming, 27 minutes
– Walking, 1 hr 17 min

Oriol Roda

Oriol Roda Noguera

An avid mountaineer, Oriol is a PhD and MBA and in his past life he used to build mathematical models of complex systems. He's Mammoth Hunters' patient 0, an old friend of Co-Founder Nestor and was the first to see success with the program. Now his mission is to help everyone live a healthier life using the same methods that were so useful for him!

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