Unbreakable: Get strong. Stop injuries.

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We’re excited to announce the release of Unbreakable, a complete training program made in collaboration with Fitness Revolucionario, one of the leading fitness blogs in the world.

Unbreakable will increase your strength and endurance while improving your mobility and flexibility.

It was designed to help you train hard while avoiding injuries and maximizing power.

Unbreakable: Get strong. Stop injuries.

Unbreakable is an iterative program that sets out to optimize your body from the inside out.

Using the techniques in Unbreakable will transform your body in just a little time. It strengthens and protects you against injuries and chronic aches. Add weight (kettlebells) to the mix and get a whole new set of delightful(ly challenging) workouts.

The quality of your life is reflective of the quality of your movement.

With small doses of training designed to improve your mobility, you’ll see marked changes in the way your body moves through life in the coming weeks.

Using the way we evolved to move as a basis to avoid injuries, Unbreakable builds upon functional training and adds in complementary movements that promote elasticity in the muscles and tendons, helping to avoid injuries, and downtime.

Unbreakable also includes “flow sessions,” which rework your muscle coordination, balance and agility.

Unbreakable Pyramid


Unbreakable comes with specially designed warm up routines.

These routines include short cardio-intensive exercises that gently raise body temperature and improve circulation together with movements that will challenge your coordination (between the upper and lower body, for example), activating your proprioceptive system and helping you gain agility.

If you want to know more about why it’s important to do warm-ups, check out this article.


Modern lifestyles do a number on our bodies: hours sitting in office chairs cause our muscles to tighten and shorten, while others become weak from disuse.

The results are injury, pain, and poor posture.

Working our shoulders and hips is crucial to regaining their natural range of movement, and will help free the tension in problem areas such as the back and neck, while stretching the muscles that have been shortened from years of poor treatment.

Combining yoga postures, traditional calisthenic stretching and modern techniques, the Unbreakable program devotes the final moments of each training session to correcting these posture errors and improving flexibility.


One of the characteristics that differentiates this program is its progressive design of five related sessions in sequence to build specific skills.  Every fifth session is “Flow,” a simple, repetitive, mechanical set of movements.

So, what is Flow?

To start, it’s a series of linked movements done in a fixed order that improve the nervous system’s responses.

This improves coordination, balance, and agility as the body is made to use different patterns of movement in one fluid movement–a flow.

Flow sessions develop your motor skills, starting from basic patterns and progressing to more complexity using a variety of transitions between.

By requiring more concentration, you strengthen the neural wiring responsible for the movement, which improves motor control, awareness, and perception of your body in space.


The core part of the Unbreakable program improves your physical strength with an emphasis on building muscle strength, power, and endurance.

Unbreakable uses a series of different types of training sessions organized in training blocks focusing on different areas or goals.

All the workouts are video guided and on your mobile device as always, allowing you to workout from anywhere.

Strength sessions: focusing on specific rather than global areas to optimize recovery.

Power sessions: using plyometrics and explosive movements to encourage rebuilding and strengthening.

Metabolic sessions: Using high intensity intervals to improve endurance and maximize fat burning.

Mixed sessions: Integrating several types in one workout, global workouts (full body), strength & power workouts, strength & metabolic, etc.


After the first few weeks of training, you’ll not only feel better, your body will begin to change and gain strength and muscle gradually, while you lose fat. You’ll move more freely and may experience less chronic muscle pain.

Unbreakable also utilizes the option to use kettlebells. Adding weight with kettlebells makes some exercises more effective and burns more calories.

Additionally, some sessions utilize a pull-up bar; you can find one in a local park if you don’t have one–get creative!

To achieve optimum results we suggest you complete Unbreakable workouts five days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and leaving the weekly flow session for Saturday. 

However, if you cannot train on these days or you feel another schedule suits you better, you are able to set your own training days.


Like our classic program, Mammoth Hunters Pro, Unbreakable features the ability to customize your workout levels to your current fitness level.

Further, you can choose alternate exercises on all workouts, so if you find you need a bigger challenge, or your legs are especially tired, you can swap out for an equal but different exercise.


In your Mammoth Hunters app, select “Programs.” Or, click this button to start: 

Unbreakable is a single payment and you can repeat the sessions as many times as you like. The cost is $29.99 or $19.99 if you are already a PRO subscriber. If you buy it now you get a $5 early bird discount!

Buying Unbreakable will not interfere with your existing Mammoth Hunters’ plan. It’s simply an additional program that gives you more variety and different session types.

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    1. Hi Mike,
      if you already got used to sprint, it shouldn’t be an issue. Just remember not to do it after the cooldowns, stretching before and do some sprints after is not the best combination 🙂

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