How to do a Tabata Workout





Intervalic with Stops


One of the most famous HIIT sessions ever to exist, it was designed by Izumi Tabata in 1996 to train ice-skaters for the winter Olympics. It revolutionized the training world’s idea of HIIT!

How to do a Tabata

Complete 8 series of an exercise. Each series is 20 seconds of intense work and 10 seconds of complete rest. If you using multiple exercises in a round, rest 1 minute between rounds.


– 1-3 exercises included
– Performed at 85% intensity
– Rest time is 10 seconds after every 20 seconds of training, and 60 seconds between exercise types
– Sessions last 4-15 minutes


– Spider plank (20 seconds intense work, 10 seconds rest) x 8 times
– Rest 1 minute
– Mountain push ups (20 seconds intense work, 10 seconds rest) x 8 times
– Rest 1 minute
– Knee jumps (20 seconds intense work, 10 seconds of rest) x 8 times

Oriol Roda

Oriol Roda Noguera

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