How to do a Paleo Run Workout




Functional Race


Paleo races are a training type that tries to emulate movements humans did when they were hunting and gathering. Functional training is combined with short runs.

How to do a Paleo Run Workout

Complete a specified number of laps in the circuit in the least amount of time possible, alternating with gentle running between each exercise.


– 5-10 exercises included
– Race time: 1 minute
– Performed at 70% intensity (80% during exercises and 60% during “race”)
– Sessions last 25-40 minutes


2 laps without rest between them of:
– 50 sit-ups
– 1 min gentle run
– 30 press-ups
– 1 min gentle run
– 40 spider planks
– 1 min gentle run
– 10 burrols
– 1 min gentle run
– 20 alternate rockets
– 1 min gentle run
– 5 spider jumps

Oriol Roda

Oriol Roda Noguera

An avid mountaineer, Oriol is a PhD and MBA and in his past life he used to build mathematical models of complex systems. He's Mammoth Hunters' patient 0, an old friend of Co-Founder Nestor and was the first to see success with the program. Now his mission is to help everyone live a healthier life using the same methods that were so useful for him!

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