Our Final Presidential Debate Game

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Studies say the 2016 Presidential Election is stressing America out. You might be considering a debate drinking game, but exercise busts stress, so here’s our debate game and official guide to how to watch the final Presidential Debate on October 19th (9pm ET) and reduce stress at the same time! 

Get ahead of the game and stay healthy (ahem, we mean, avoid a heart attack while watching..) with this stress-busting exercise debate game.

So this year, instead of hittin’ a bottle for a debate drinking game, hit your exercise mat or any old floor every time our beloved candidates do any of their idiosyncratic behaviors they’ve become so well known for.

Debate Game Rules

Here are the 10 rules to our debate game; we’re fair and bipartisan, so you’ll find non drinking debate game rules for each candidate.

To learn how to do the exercises, click the links for each one or view the compilation video of debate game exercises here.

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Every time Donald…

Debate Game Hillary Donald

1. Says any of the following:

  • “The worst”
  • “Terrible”
  • “I didn’t say that”
  • “Tremendous”

Do a burpee


2. Interrupts Hillary

Do a Push Up 

 3. Sniffles

Do a jumping squat

4. Changes subject to ISIS or the Wall

Do two mountain climbers

Does our debate game have you feelin’ the ‘Bern yet?

5. Brings up Hillary’s emails

Walking plank til it’s Hillary’s turn

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Every time Hillary…

Donald Hillary 2nd presidential debate 2016

6. Does a little shoulder shimmy

Do a burpee w/ star jump

7. References Trump’s tax returns

Do a pivot lunge

And pivot right back to read the rest of the rules of this debate game 😉

8. References a “family met on the campaign trail” or any Obama

Do two lunges

9. Smiles awkwardly

Do an open knee push up

10. Mentions one of Trumps’ failed businesses

Do pivot planks til it’s Donald’s turn


And finally, the complete exercise instructions in a handy YouTube Playlist that you can reference as you watch. Don’t forget, you can always get a great workout with the Mammoth Hunters app, too.


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