Burpees and their variations – a world to explore

Earlier, we talked about the qualities and versatility of burpees.  On the whole, they have a direct effect on fat burning and a positive impact on both cardiovascular and pulmonary health. This makes them an ideal exercise to include in your training. Even so, it’s important that you don’t fall into a repetitive routine.  Remember that variation is important.  To help you steer clear of monotony and this effect of adapting to exercise, this week we introduce some variations of burpees and some equally effective alternatives.


Burpee variations

1) Double Burpees

Add some strength work to the conventional burpee.

Description: An exercise very similar to the burpees but adding a push-up before getting up from the ground.

2) Frog Burpees

A great exercise to increase cardio work and the lower extremity.  Description: In these burpees we make a frog jump instead of a vertical jump.

3) Lateral Burpees

Do something different to avoid adaptation.  Works your core. Description: Fall to the ground sideways.

4) Knees to Elbows Burpees

Adds strength and mobility. Description: During the vertical jump lift the heels to touch the elbows.

5) Star Burpees

For those who love strong sensations, this ensures a pulse approaching your maximum.  Description: Change the vertical jump to a star jump.

6) Monkey Burpees

Reconnect with your inner wild beast.

Description: Hang from a tree because a serpent is coming, drop to the ground so they don’t see you.

Alternatives to burpees:

Try these exercises with characteristics similar to burpees but mobilizes other muscle groups.  Remember, variety is always fun.

 1) Burrol:

1. Lie down on your back on the floor, first from a sitting position then stretching out completely, arms above your head. 2. Push up into a squat.  3. Get to your feet with a vertical jump, clapping your hands together above your head.


 2) Climber:

Stretch out in the McKenzie position  (legs supported, arms outstretched, giving an extension to the shoulders). Push up to bring the feet level with your hands, legs still outstretched as far as possible. Jump back again to your original position.

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3) Hipon:

Movement that simulates getting up off the ground.  From a prone position, push with the legs to lift the whole trunk off the ground and support yourself on one foot and the opposite thigh.

4) Surfer:

Lying face down, give a push to bring one foot level with the hand on the same side. Go back to your original position and repeat the same movement on the other side.

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Well, we hope you’ll be enjoying yourselves and working up a sweat in equal measure with these variations. Remember you have much more waiting for you with our new app.

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