How to lose stubborn belly fat through ketosis

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Welcome to the third step of our plan to get fit for the summer: how to lose stubborn belly fat. If you have come this far, congratulations! Getting started is the hardest part. If you landed here directly, you can also checkout our two previous posts:  Get fit for summer and How to burn fat faster.

How to lose stubborn belly fat through ketosis

If you have already achieved your goal, you do not need to do this part. If you haven’t, let’s finish the job! During this last month we’re going to try metabolic strategies to lose stubborn belly fat and get back the health, energy and figure we want. We will enter ketosis and with exercise we will continue to optimize fat mobilization and oxidation.

What do we mean by going into ketosis? This means that the body will force itself to predominantly burn fat as energy.

How? By limiting the maximum consumption of carbohydrates. In absence of glucose our body produces alternative chemical compounds called ketones to feed our brain and muscles, therefore, the name ketosis (read this for more info).

Although it does not work for everyone, going into ketosis decreases appetite, improves our body’s regulation systems, and normalizes weight. To ‘turn on’ this metabolic route, you just have to decrease carbohydrate intake to an average of 60 grams per day and perform intermittent fasting. Here’s our article on how to trigger ketosis and another on how you can combine your keto diet with exercise to trigger the afterburn effect.

This strategy is very useful, but its use should be limited (like anything, excess can be dangerous; after finishing this month, you can consider this practice 3-7 days a month). Restricting carbohydrates for too long can lead the body to have decreased insulin sensitivity and a loss of one of the characteristics that define–from a metabolic point of view–the human species: your ability to use different energy substrates (metabolic flexibility).

Over the past months, we have been adapting our bodies to enter this last stage by gradually decreasing the amount of carbohydrates and training on an empty stomach.

When bodies go into the ketosis state, many changes occur (some more pleasant than others). You’ll notice a characteristic smell in your breath (due to the acetone levels), different frequency and urinary concentration, energy changes… Even a few muscle cramps (if this happens, introduce a mineral supplement or a hypertonic drink without sugar).

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Things to keep in mind during Ketosis:

  1. Throughout this stage it is also important that you hydrate and drink plenty of water. You can also add broth (made from vegetables and bones) to accompany meals.
  2. We will maximize the fat burning effect of this stage with highly variable intensity workouts on an empty stomach. We will combine HIIT with more metabolic moments to optimize mobilization (intensity), transport (metabolic training) and fat oxidation in just one session.
  3. During ketosis carbohydrates should not exceed 10% of our food calories.
  4. We must increase the intake of fat and maintain good protein levels (1.2-2 grams /per kg body weight).
  5. Do not forget to train while fasting.
  6. Have a maximum of 3 meals per day. If you can, reduce it to 2.
  7. When you have a HIIT session, give it your all. We need to raise the adrenaline and make your body mobilize the last deposits of energy. If you like, you can drink coffee to get that last push you need. You can also add coconut oil as a creamer to your coffee.
  8. Relax and give yourself time to recover between sessions. If not, cortisol (a stress hormone with a variety of functions) can play tricks on us and our metabolism.
  9. This “stubborn” type of fat has poor blood supply. Keep on stimulating it with cold showers or contrast baths (alternating warm and cold plunges several times).

Plan to lose stubborn belly fat through Ketosis

How to lose stubborn belly fat through ketosis

Training Sessions explained

Session 1 – Monday

Session 2 – Wednesday

  • WARM UP: 3-4 min
  • 2 x TABATAS: Burrol (inverted burpees) and plank pivot
    • 2 laps:
    • 1 min: Skipping
    • 1 min: Jumping jacks
    • 1 min: Steps
    • 1 min: Lateral displacement
    • Twists
    • 1 min: Dragon walk
  • Interval Repetitions (200-300 reps) e.g.: 2-3 rounds x  (8 vertical jumps + 20 dips + 12 double mountain climbers + 20 plank extensions + 25 jump squats + side walk + 15 abdominal extensions)

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Session 3 – Friday

  • WARM UP: 3-4 min 
  • Paleo Run e.g.: 2 x (10 surfers + 1 min run + 10 push up roll + 1 min run + 25 overhead squat + 1 min run + 13 jump stars + 1 min run + 27 McKenzie + 1 min run + 8 mountain pushups + 1 min run + 20 plank balance + 1 min run)
  • To The One. (Countdown 10-1 repetitions in a cycle) 2-3 exercises: e.g. V-situps , Jump lunges, Hindu Pushups

Session 4 – Sunday

  • WARM UP: 3-4 min 
  • SPARTAN RACE e.g.:
    • 40 jump squats, 40 burpees, 40 dips, 4 min run
    • 30 jump squats, 30 burpees, 30 dips, 3 min run
    • 20 jump squats, 20 burpees, 20 dips, 2 min run
    • 10 jump squats, 10 burpees, 10 dips, 1 min run
  • Hard Stop : e.g.  100 x lateral push ups (8 x Mountain climbers each time you have to stop)

Good luck!


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