A day in the life of mammoth hunter: A typical diet plan

A typical diet plan is compound by the following points

1. Exercise while fasting. If you need, you can drink water before.
2. If you plan to lose weight DO NOT eat anything during the first half hour before exercising, only drink water. After half an hour you can eat breakfast:

  • Option 1: fruit, nuts and unsweetened teas.
  • Option 2: coconut, avocado, nuts, canned tuna (in olive oil) eggs and/or Iberian ham. In this second option we don’t have any type of carbohydrate (fruit/vegetable) with the objective of stimulating controlled ketogenesis (the process through which the body empties glycogen stores and increases the breakdown of fat). This option should only be taken in one meal of the day to prevent the acidification process.

Together with breakfast consider taking supplements to complete the diet plan. For this object we recommend that you take: BCAA and a multiminerals.
3. If you DO NOT want to lose weight you have to replace your glycogen stores during the first half hour:

  • Ingest water and fresh fruit juice, eat fruit and nut with higher glycemic load (peach, melon, grapes, banana, date, prunes, apricots…). This repositioning of glycogen can be accompanied with quality protein and fat: coconut, avocado, nuts, canned tuna (in olive oil), eggs with or without Iberian ham.

For any amateur athlete who follows a diet plan we recommend the following supplements: Vitamin C, multiminerals, multivitamins, BCAA and glutamine.
4. Lunch. Before eating it is also a good time to carry out physical activity if you have not been able to make it in the morning or if you want to complete a double session (remember to have 4 hours since your last meal)

  • Sirloin seared with crude olive oil; salad with lettuce and carrots, grapes, kiwis, bananas, nuts and tuna. And for dessert papaya. If we want, we can have a digestive tea of unsweetened chamomile, licorice, and ginger.

5. Dinner. Similar to midday it is a good time to exercise in case you have not had another moment to do it (remember to have 4 hours since your last meal)

  • Steamed Hake with guacamole (1/2 onion, one tomato, an avocado, lemon, salt, olive oil and vinegar. And a bit of cilantro if you want.) For dessert, baked apple or pear with ground cinnamon (in oil). In general it is recommended to eat raw vegetable and fruits during the day, while for the night it is recommended to have them cooked.

If you are interested in a number of recipes, we recommend the book PaleoLife from Ediciones B.
You can find the paperback edition on the following links:

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