7 reasons why new year’s fitness resolutions fail

Most of us have taken new year fitness resolutions and failed at least once.
In fact 80% of New Year resolutions end up as failures.

Once you drill deeper, it’s fascinating to see that the reasons for these failures are very consistent and avoidable.

Here are the most important reasons and how to overcome them.

1) You set unrealistic goals

A new year fitness resolution such as “Get a 6 pack by summer.” sounds awesome but might be overambitious.

Consider your current state and the time and energy you are willing to dedicate to the purpose. Are you prepared to make the sacrifices to reach your goals?

Make sure your goals are specific and achievable. Unrealistic goals will have natural excuses and will only demotivate you.

Divide your goal into small, achievable short-term objectives and accomplish them step by step.

2) You don’t have a plan

“I’ll get fit in 2017.”

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Think about what steps will get you there. If you’re planning to get fit, make sure you have an exercise routine that you can follow regularly. Having a proper diet plan is equally important.

Set aside some time on your calendar every week for your workout. If you’re joining a gym, don’t forget to include the time for your to and fro commute.

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 3) You don’t believe in yourself

Everyone of us have cases where we embarked on an aspirational journey and failed miserably.

A few instances like this could kill your morale.

Any new challenge that you come across makes you feel bad about yourselves and jealous about your “athlete” friend’s willpower to accomplish challenges – like a marathon.

As we said earlier, divide your goal into smaller objectives. Congratulate yourself on each small step. This helps you feel accomplished and boosts your morale.

4) You’re not accountable

You’ve set your goals and started on your awesome fitness plan. But what happens if you stop? Who are you accountable to?

The best way is to talk about it. Look for people who care for you and can support your journey.

If possible, form a group of people with similar goals. A group with similar goals could derive motivation from each other and reach goals together.

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5) You don’t enjoy the process

If you hate every step towards your goal, chances are that you’re never going to reach it.

Think about why this is important for you. Visualise the end result.

Every step you take, every sacrifice you make, know that the end result that will make you much more happier than the piece of cake or a sore muscle.

6) You don’t consider potential obstacles

You plan to embark on a life changing goal. Right when you’re about to start, you find some minor obstacle.

For example, you realize that you don’t have proper running shoes the day you were supposed to start running. Sure, you get the shoes the following week. But by the time you get the shoes, you’ve already lost motivation. (Unless Amazon prime air delivers your shoes in 13 minutes!)

Imagine you were to start following your resolution right now. What are the things that could stop you?

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 7) You don’t start right away

It feels great when you decide to eat healthy from next week or be more organized from Monday or start working out from next year. But that’s the easy part.

The hard part is doing. As you near the day, you may not have the motivation you initially had.

Research has shown that not all days are the same. People are more active at the beginning of the week, month and year.

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This reflects that motivation and action need to go together.

If you have the will today don’t wait until tomorrow, chances are you will not do it.

From our fitness program, we know for a fact that users who do their first workout are 5x more likely to succeed compared to users who just sign up.

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