Discover how to use 100 thousand years of evolution to achieve your fitness goals.

Discover your optimal plan

Back to basics

No gyms, no equipment, no excuses

For 99.99% of our history, humans have lived in nature. Your body and mind are perfectly adapted to that environment.

But in a very short time the world has changed radically.

Now you spend your day in a chair.

You consume processed products instead of real food.

You live inside an artificial environment that over stimulate your mind.

The result: sedentary lifestyle, obesity, stress ...

Gyms and traditional diets promise magical solutions to these problems. But they are still far from the natural conditions to which your body and mind respond best. And you end up spending many hours of your precious time and thousands of dollars to achieve meager results.

Mammoth Hunters offers you a radically different solution.

We have compiled all the scientific knowledge about physiology and human evolution to offer you fitness, nutrition and health programs that simulate the natural conditions to which your body and mind will respond better, minimizing the time and effort you need to achieve your goals.

Choose the program that best suits your objectives and get results without wasting time or money.

Everything at your fingertips

Forget about having to go see a dietitian or a coach once a week spending a fortune. With Mammoth Hunters you will have both in your pocket always available 24 / 7.

Follow our programs wherever and whenever you want.

If you have questions our experts will answer you.

No gyms, no accessories, no excuses.

Mhunters App

Perfect for a healthy life

Incredible App that gives you all the functions of a personal trainer, but for much less money. 100% recommendable. It has incredible services such as daily varied routines and adapted to your needs, personalized diets, training in community and being able to monitor your weight, skills, etc ... As I said, 100% recommended.

Dr. Blesa

I have gained agility and strength

I started with the goal of improving my fitness without having to go to a gym. The fact of being able to do the exercises at home makes it very easy for me to be constant, and seeing that I am getting results motivates me to continue with the program. I have gained agility and strength. And physically I look much better.

Anna Miralpeix

I have improved my nutrition and I have gained muscle mass

Hello Hunters! I'm from Cuba. I have improved my nutrition, I have gained muscle mass and I always end up with the hormone of happiness at the top. We have created a tribe with my sister, although for now it's just us two and our little dog.

Dairon Arrebato
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